Comercial Santy has strategically located branches distributed all over Equatorial Guinea.

These branches are located in both inland towns (Niefang, Añisoc, Evinayong) and border areas adjacent to our neighbouring countries such as Cameroon and Gabon (Bata, Ebebiyin, Mongomo, Acurenam).

In the same way as in Equatorial Guinea, you can also find us in countries such as São Tomé and Príncipe and Guinea Bissau, where demand continues to grow year after year.

Considering all the hard work we’ve done in our efforts to increase the number of products we carry, we have a large storage space for logistics, with warehouses ranging from 1,500 m2 to 6,000 m2, as well as many others located in our logistics centre in Spain.

Comercial Santy is equipped to receive more than 500 containers on a yearly basis, containing different goods from all over the world such as: the United States, China, Spain, India, Brazil and other countries in the world.

In order to do so effectively, we have our very own fleet of lorries and machinery such as forklifts and pallet stackers in order to meet the needs of our branches and customers in a timely manner.